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Hi Diane,

WOW, you created a terrific little masterpiece! I just watched it & it is wonderful!!  Thanks a million!! You have a great team!! ~Joanie T.

We can not believe how quickly you got it all done! You are truly a miracle worker. We all got our usb flash drives last night and are gonna get together after Christmas to watch the finished product all together. I’ve gotta let my tear supplies replenish after watching the “rough draft”.😂.  You are truly the best, and we loved meeting you and welcoming you into our family ❤️ ~Jeanne F.


Hi Diane,

 We watched the video with my mom yesterday and it was beautiful! All I could do was cry. But in the very best way;) Thank you for doing this for us. It is really a wonderful gift for us all. 

~ Jeanne F.

Thank YOU - we are receiving rave reviews on the video - people were impressed by how much inspiration we packed into a short amount of time! Thanks for pulling so many loose parts and pieces together into a beautiful story! Glad to have you involved.  ~Eileen Mize, Dominican Sisters of San Rafael Director of Communications and Advancement

My mother and I are so grateful to you and your crew! This process was a really meaningful experience for both of us. We are so excited that her amazing life story is captured in this beautiful video to be shared with our whole family. Thanks so much. ~Gabrielle T.

My video/life story was an amazing experience. To share a large part of my life with future generations and my kids and grandkids right now felt so right. Thank you again, Diane, for this experience.  ~Andrea P.

The video is AMAZING.  My mom sat and cried happy tears watching it yesterday!  She is so excited about the video and what it meant to her to hear her own words and see the photos. She called us ALL with every detail!  Thank you so much.  ~Maureen H.

I just watched my video. I'm so impressed! It's absolutely lovely.  You did a fabulous job. I was almost in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  ~Barbara F.

The tribute to my dad was perfect and I got emotional thinking about showing that to our kids someday!  ~Tayo F.

We watched the film last night and we couldn't even respond because we had no words! I was boo hooing! Thank you for such an incredible gift!!! We loved it so much.  ~Amy F.

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