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Who are you? What is your story to share?


Let me tell you my story: 


The journey to Homegrown Histories truly began when I was a child, since I have always been fascinated by people and who they are. Likewise, others have been drawn to me, either for support or as a listening ear as they tell me their stories.


Having an interest in people and the communities they create prompted me to study political science and sociology in college, leading to a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Being from Ohio, I am a Midwesterner at heart, valuing integrity, kindness and making genuine connections. These traits influenced my initial career path in public service in Ohio, Oregon, and California; at the same time, I began volunteering extensively in my community.


My people-oriented job trajectory led me to accept a position in admissions for a prestigious K-12 school in Marin County, California. For several years this was a perfect fit for my warmth, listening skills, and desire to help and connect with people and build community. 


Losing both of my parents within the last ten years was the catalyst for Homegrown Histories. Our family has only one precious recording of my father telling a personal story: a short video where he explains how, as a soldier during WWII, he acquired a German Luger. We cherish the sight and sound of my dad as he narrates his story, and fervently wish we had more footage of him and my mom to pass down to our children (and someday grandchildren). 


The realization struck me: I could help families create an audio-visual legacy to pass down to future generations. My vision entailed bringing my integrity and unique combination of skills to people wishing to preserve their personal history. Priceless memories, anecdotes, values, and stories could be filmed and recorded in the storyteller’s own voice, culminating in a cinematic, documentary-style film or audio recording. It’s a privilege to partner with you as we craft a gift for generations to come, and I am grateful for your trust in Homegrown Histories.

I look forward to helping you tell your story.

Diane Campbell, Founder,

Homegrown Histories

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My dad, Edward Kean, aged 18, US Army, WWII

"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten."  Patrick, Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind 

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My inspiration: My dad sharing a story about acquiring a Luger as a soldier in WWII.

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