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How The Process Works

Every project is unique and each process will vary based on your own individual needs. The following is intended to give you a basic understanding of what to expect.

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"The world is shaped by two things--stories told and the memories they leave behind."

Vera Nazarian, Author


Initial Consultation/Pre-Interview

1.  Meet or have a phone conversation with me to determine the scope of your project.

2.  Fill out a biographical information questionnaire.

3.  Identify and gather photos, slides, film reels, video clips, and important documents/memorabilia for potential use in your biography depending on the package you choose.

4.  Meet in person with me for the pre-interview, to cover a number of steps, including setting the actual interview date.  

With the completion of these steps, you’ve laid the groundwork for the interview!

The Interview

5. We'll travel to your chosen location for the interview, providing and operating professional, state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and video or audio recording equipment for the session. 

6. Talk with me on location in a relaxed, friendly manner for the actual interview.


Now it’s time for the team to create!

Editing and Post Production

7. Depending on the package you choose, the team and I edit the interview footage extensively using state-of-the-art editing tools.

8. Assembled materials--music, photos, videos, documents, and other memorabilia--are woven in to enhance the storytelling in our Classic and Premier Video Biography packages.  


The project is almost complete...

Film Review/Final Production

9. Review the draft film, coordinating with me as needed for any potential changes.

10. The team and I prepare a final, finished film or audio recording, refining and revising meticulously. 


Your memories and heritage are captured to your satisfaction in a treasured film or recording to be shared now as well as in generations to come~you have my guarantee.

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